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In the misty city of Heian-Kyo, the Imperial family is divided. For almost a century the system of Insei has allowed Emperors to retain their influence over the noble families, but now a dynastic dispute between the Cloistered-Emperor and the Emperor have led to increased tensions. As the various cadet branches of the Imperial family struggle for power the two factions find ready allies.

Pages of Interest:

Heian-Kyo - The great capital of the Empire, perfectly ordered, holding the Emperor, His court, and the Cloistered-Emperor.

Daidairi – The Great Palace Complex that houses the Emperor's palace, the bureaucratic offices, and other important buildings.

The Cast – Important people around the Empire.

The Loyalists – People loyal to the Emperor.

Guards of the Fairy Cave – People loyal to the Former-Emperor.

Main Page

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